Explore a curated selection of my artworks that showcase the captivating genre of contemporary art, realism and photorealism, where meticulous attention to detail brings subjects to life with vibrant colors and depth. Commission is a different exploration, a relationship with the artist to create something highly personal and unique.


Hyperrealism has a recognition and popularity in the art world, with numerous exhibitions and dedicated galleries showcasing the works of the best hyperrealist artists. I paint hyperrealism because it allows me to capture minute details and convey a heightened sense of reality, providing a unique artistic challenge and a platform for showcasing my technical skills.

Sweet Caroline "Lollipop"

Acrylic on Board with Epoxy
40 x 40 cm  / 2023

Bald Eagle

Acrylic and airbrush on Board
28 x 18 cm  / 1993

Orca, hyperrealistic Hyperrealisitc painting by Martin Sullivan


Acrylic and airbrush on Board
28 x 18 cm  / 1993